About Relialytics

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Relialytics was formed in 2018 by Richard Marshall and Gerard Wood who recognised the opportunity to help mining companies use their data to improve equipment reliability. We developed our system in-house in Brisbane using our own System Architects and Data Scientists.
Our philosophy is that equipment generated data should be used to develop maintenance and condition monitoring activities.
Our mission is to make data work for our customers by minimising transactional processing and automating data analysis. We do this by translating data sources into practical actions to ensure equipment is available to work when and where it’s needed.
Relialytics has been providing oil sample analysis and subsequent actions for site personnel for customers across the world as well as one off analyses of oil samples for several clients in order to provide deeper insights after component failure. However, our focus is on using data (oil sample and onboard) to enable our customers to manage their equipment maintenance in a proactive manner in order to maximise the life of components and reliability of their equipment. While we do and have assisted our clients to avoid catastrophic failures, the most value is derived through ongoing proactive management of fluids and component health.