We often see, over time, maintenance programs becoming bloated with activity as more and more equipment inspections are added (probably as a result of different operations and maintenance experiences). The unintended consequence of this is an inevitable increase in maintenance costs.

At Relialytics we regularly talk to maintenance engineers who know they can reduce the cost of their maintenance programs, but are unsure of where they should start.

Condition monitoring is an area where a difference can be made relatively quickly.

Readers of this blog will remember that we previously discussed the value your oil sampling program is delivering to your business.

What we didn’t discuss in that blog was the identification of opportunities to streamline your condition monitoring programs to reduce costs and improve the overall value delivered.

An area of condition monitoring that Relialytics has spent a significant amount of time studying over the past 12 months is oil analysis and one question we are continually asked is:

"How can I reduce my expenditure on oil analysis?"

First, we must stress that a decision to reduce the number of oil samples taken on a machine or component should not be undertaken lightly. Any decision should be supported by a rigorous assessment of historical data to determine for example:

  • Previous issues with the equipment model/component type.
  • How quickly these issues developed i.e. did they develop slowly over time or manifest very quickly.
  • The stage of the component’s normal expected life that the issues present themselves.
  • Whether there are systemic issues with a particular type of machine or whether they are isolated to a single machine.

We also need to ask ourselves whether there are alternate data sources for condition assessment in lieu of oil samples. For example, can the issues experienced by the equipment/component be detected visually via the use of magnetic plug inspections or oil level monitoring?

At Relialytics we regularly apply our analytics processes to provide clients with advice on where they can potentially reduce expenditure on oil sampling programs.

Follow this link to our website where you can find a case study providing an example of how this analysis process works.

Do you feel your condition monitoring program can be made more cost-effective?

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