This is the first blog in a series that will introduce you to Relialytics and the work we are doing to bring a practical approach to maintenance analytics with one simple focus:

Improving your equipments reliability and performance

If you scan through some of the case studies on our website, one of our clear messages is that the amount of condition monitoring data being generated on industrial operating sites is ever increasing.  Its generation is being paid for but it's not being fully utilised, because quite frankly what site based person has the time to read all of the condition monitoring reports that come across their desks each day?

The problem is that this data contains all of the important information that you need to ensure your equipments reliable operation.

At Relialytics we provide the opportunity for your business to benefit from this information without your key people having to personally read it all.

We utilise a combination of text and numerical data processing algorithms and data visualisation to review your condition monitoring data and make it work for you.  We automate the data analysis process and compare new data to historical data to determine whether your equipment is experiencing something outside of normal historical operation, i.e. something you may not have seen before.

Our aim is for your people to only have to review condition monitoring results for which you don’t already have a satisfactory historical response.

We know that rather than sitting down in front of a computer, your maintenance experts would rather be fully engaged in the workshop or on-site.

Contact us to learn how we may be able to assist you to make this a reality.