Since January we assisted a customer to fully utilise data from their oil sample reports.  Since our engagement, the percentage of compartments with dirt contamination recording a positive improvement from 11% to just over 4% of compartment samples taken within just four months.  Based on the actions taken to reduce dirt ingress to the components, our customer can expect a positive reduction in wear metal generation which may have resulted in failure or reduced component life.

Our systematic algorithms applied to the reports identified the issues as they started to appear, not just when a failure was about to occur.  Early intervention allows the majority of instances to be planned.  This provides the best opportunity to rectify the underlying issues through ensuring the required parts, people and time are available to complete the work during a scheduled downtime event such as a PM service.

We know that 80% of oil sample reports are not utilised due to time pressure, competing priorities and an understanding of the evaluations.  This is a huge opportunity missed to improve reliability and reduce unscheduled downtime.  With an integration into a CMMS, our ‘Equipment Condition Supervisor’ will provide the opportunity to benefit fully from your oil sample reports. 

It’s widely accepted that dirt ingress within components reduces life and increases the likelihood of failure.  Left unchecked, the costs associated with lost production, downtime, repair, and component replacement can be significant.  But how do you know to what extent the problem is in your fleet?  Well, your oil sampling will have many of the answers.  Delving deep into the data and information from the reports will highlight how significant your issue is, and over time, provide a benchmark as to how effective your rectification response is. 

This approach of early intervention through a systematic approach to oil sample report utilisation ensures that all oil sample evaluations are taken into consideration, not just the reactive ‘abnormal’ and ‘critical’ evaluations.  This frees up your time to focus on the important maintenance projects and ensuring your fleet is as efficient and productive as possible.

Relialytics is here to help the industry get more out of their oil sample reports and have the most reliable fleets possible.  We know through our research and experience that it all begins with the initial oil sampling process.  We’d like to offer our expertise and experience to give you an assessment and recommendations on your oil sampling process for your site.  We’ve put together a 3-minute survey to get an idea of your processes and approach to oil sampling.  Just complete the survey and we’ll get back to you.  Feel free to share with a colleague or contact in your network who you may think could do with a quick oil sampling review. Click here to access the survey.