Everyone has their limits.  You get pushed past your limits and you’re definitely not at your best whether it’s physical or mental.  It’s no different for mining equipment (except for the mental bit). Push your equipment past its limits and it’s just a matter of time before something bad happens.  However, do we truly understand the long-term impact of high repetition and low energy events?  It’s the small and potentially inconspicuous events such as repetitive over revving by a small margin that can have a longer-term detrimental impact that may not appear so quickly or obviously. How much component life are these events robbing you of?  Then there’s the actual impact to the asset and cost of maintenance. 

The way the machinery is operated has a direct impact on reliability and maintenance costs. When your equipment failures become unpredictable, the ability to adequately maintain them becomes extremely difficult.  Most Asset Managers understand the need to maintain equipment within design limits, but what about addressing these low-energy events that can have a less obvious impact?

The data that highlights low-energy events is often available but difficult to access and report on adequately.  It is hard to deliver targeted training and mentoring for equipment operators to reduce unwanted behaviours that cause damage without access to the right data and information.

Through targeted training and coaching, it’s possible for a definitive reduction in the events that cause long term damage to the equipment, such as overloads, transmission abuse, body up and brake abuse.  You just need to understand all of the data to target the right areas.

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