Keeping oil in peak condition can have far reaching benefits from reducing maintenance expenditure to increasing reliability.

It's that time again where we make New Year's Resolutions to improve things around our personal lives.  Many New Year's Resolutions are quite predictable and involve trying to improve our health.   So what about having the same attitude towards your equipment's health?

At Relialytics we would like you to make a New Year's Resolution to improve your equipment health by keeping your oil in peak condition. In oil samples, the detection of wear materials is telling us that something is more than likely starting to break down.  Combinations of different wear materials can point us in the direction of the source, which then allows us to develop maintenance strategies to address the problem. However, the detection or presence of wear materials is also a lagging indicator.  Often, when wear materials appear the damage has already begun, and the useful life of the component has been reduced. 

If wear materials are a lagging indicator, how can we be more proactive and develop simple leading indicators of oil conditions that potential component damage from our oil samples? 

At Relialytics we would like you to make a New Year's Resolution to improve your equipment health by keeping your oil in peak condition. 


When Relialytics commenced development of its Equipment Condition Supervisor (ECS) oil module, it was done with the express intent that the system focusses on identification of change in condition of leading oil indicators. These key indicators are:

        1. The correct oil being used.
        2. A significant change in oil viscosity.
        3. The identification of the ingress of external elements into the compartment e.g.:

=> Dirt

=> Grease

=> Coolant

=> Fuel 

Key to our thinking was that by addressing these simple yet effective key indicators / issues first, compartment conditions become optimised and the conditions available for the generation of wear materials are significantly reduced. While changing oil will immediately alleviate the potential damage caused by external ingress to the compartment, not addressing the cause of the ingress will cause cumulative damage over time (on top of the additional costs of changing oil at increased intervals). 

Relialytics ECS Time in Condition function provides users with the ability to determine when an external ingress condition (in fact any abnormal oil condition) has not been solved and provides the appropriate escalation within the maintenance department to ensure compartment condition does get solved. When approached in a consistent manner, keeping oil in as peak a condition as possible can yield very effective results. The graph below that shows how Relalytics ECS has improved the condition of oil over the 8 months since its implementation at a client site. 



What will you do to ensure your oil is maintained in peak condition to keep your New Year’s Resolution to your equipment? 


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