You Have the Data – Let us Help You Use It!

We often hear that “condition monitoring data didn’t provide any indication that a problem was about to occur.” Our reply often is “how far back in the data have you looked?” The answer is usually “not very far.” The left graph below shows an engine where a connecting rod penetrated the engine block causing a catastrophic failure. The graph also shows that the likely cause of the failure was bearing wear early in the life of the engine.

The answer was in the data, it was even mentioned in the analyst notes in the samples but nothing was done.

Why not? The answer to that is probably in the amount of data site personnel have to work their way through each day. The below right graph shows how the number of lubricant samples taken on a typical mine site have increased in the last 17 years. We are producing more and more data every day so it’ss easy to understand how critical issues can get missed.

At Relialytics we have a solution.

We want to make your data work for you, minimise transactional processing and automate data analysis. We do this by translating the data sources into practical actions to ensure your equipment is available to work when and where you need it.

Do We Have to Do Oil Analysis - Case Study - Relialytics