At Relialytics we find work orders to be fascinating!

Work orders are a rich source of information providing great insights into maintenance practices and the overall success of a company’s maintenance strategy. The language contained within “Breakdown Repair” work orders and the associated completion comments provides an opportunity to detect whether:

  1. Inspections are being carried out effectively.
  2. There are gaps in the maintenance strategy.

The following is a great example.

We were recently completed a study of 3 years of work orders on a fleet of trucks at 2 sites (Site A and Site B) to determine the effectiveness of the associated maintenance strategy. One of the most common breakdown repairs we found within the work orders was related to wheels and tyres. Our natural language review of work order completion comments found that the most common tyre breakdown repair within the data set was associated with valve stems. A review of the maintenance strategies for Site A found that valve stem inspections were NOT a part of the strategy, while valve stem inspections were a part of the strategy for Site B.

At Site A there were 51 breakdown repairs. At Site B there were only 2.

For an assumed cost of $50,000 per tyre there is a significant cost saving to be made for the simple inclusion of a valve stem inspection in a maintenance strategy.  The analysis of the data provided an important clue to why Site A had significantly more breakdowns.  Site A now has the opportunity to reduce maintenance expenditure by including valve stem inspections as part of it's routine maintenance.

What_Are_Your_Work_Orders_Telling_You_-_Case_Study - Relialytics