We’ve changed the way you look at your condition monitoring data.

When you view your CM data from a different perspective you obtain new and valuable insights. Relialytics has developed a new analysis technique to review CM data to quickly identify trends across thousands of historical samples at the same time.

The figures opposite show how 17 years of final drive data across all dozers on a single mine can be compressed into one visualisation. Each dot / node in the figures represent a sample. It shows how that one diagram (constructed by comparing analyst comments between samples) can be used to detect clusters of like samples as well as display numerical data.

This is just not possible utilising conventional analytical techniques which rely heavily on 2-dimensional plots to compare numerical data often one component at a time. Work in this field has reached the point where, through data visualisation, Relialytics can provide consistent interpretation of sample analyst comments for a single unit / component or groups of like units / components.

Our practical overview of the data provides a grounded assessment on how to improve equipment reliability at significantly reduced cost.

All Data in One Diagram - Case Study - Relialytics