Spend Less Time Reading Reports & Filling Out Forms

We’re producing more and more condition monitoring data for our site based personnel to review.  So much data is being produced that we don’t have time to read it all and take appropriate action. The left graph shows how the number of lubricant samples taken on a typical mine site have increased in the last 17 years. Reviewing 1,000 lubricant samples per month is a large workload for your site team.

At Relialytics we can make your historical data work for you to ensure your new data becomes less of a burden. First its important to recognise that your samples have already been reviewed by a professional at the laboratory.  By reviewing the samples again on site you are basically double handling your data.  You have already paid for the review once, why do it again? Second, we know that there is a high likelihood your new data will be consistent with historical samples and the action you need to take will be the same.  If this is the case why do your people have to read the sample reports and process work orders.?

By utilising our unique, high performing algorithms, we quickly compare historical samples with new samples, pass those that meet historical norms straight to work orders, and pass those that are outside historical norms to site personnel for further review.

The right graph opposite shows a potential 80%+ reduction in on-site sample review workload. A significant amount.

Spend Less Time Reading Reports & Filling Out Forms - Case Study - Relialytics