Get to the root cause of your component failure FAST

When a component fails, there'll be a story in the oil sample reports which will help you quickly find the root cause of the failure and assist in preventing future failures.

How does it work?

Relialytics ‘Failure Analysis Support Tool’ (FAST) will analyse  oil sample data leading up to a failure and deliver a comprehensive evidence-based report to support your failure analysis. The FAST algorithms will identify anomalies in the oil sample reports that likely would have been overlooked and pinpoint the time at which the contributing factors to the failures appeared. This includes a focus on the proactive aspects of the oil condition that could have led to the onset of the failure mode such as viscosity and contamination. FAST will identify what the indicators were, the limits they were exceeding, rates of change, trends and the progression to failure. Depending on the complexity, we can have a response back to you within 24-48 hours.

What information is required?

Ideally FAST requires the life time history of oil sample reports from the equipment with the failed component, but we can also analyse failures within this time too.   Additional information such as working conditions, photos, oil changes and onboard data will assist  to determine the indicators of the failure.  If there is a systemic issue,  supplying the full lifecycle of oil sample data will enable a longer term analysis and determination of the precursor conditions that could have led to the onset of the failure mode.

The Failure Analysis Support Tool will:

  • Identify any elements that contributed to the failure
  • Provide a background to the failure and any oil conditions that led up to the failure mode
  • Help prevent similar failures in your mobile fleet, fixed plant and refineries
  • Assist in refining your maintenance program
  • Identify trends and inconsistencies in your oil sample reports

The analysis is inclusive of a comprehensive report and a 1 hour Zoom consultation with a Relialytics Analyst to discuss the findings and recommendations.

Talk to one of our Analysts for more information or a quote on 1300 041 787 or complete the enquiry form and we'll get back to you.
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