Maintenance Time Saving

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Whether you’re managing single or multiple locations, ensuring that every piece of mobile and fixed plant is operating at optimal performance requires effective condition monitoring, that your maintenance team needs to manage and control on a daily basis.

Here at Relialytics, we know that your maintenance team is spending valuable hours of their day collecting oil samples and interpreting the evaluations from the lab, all while attempting to stay on top of other pressing maintenance and repair issues that require their immediate attention.

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Your team is naturally limited in the time they have available to fully review, interpret and take action on all relevant data and evaluations in oil sample reports. As a result, they’re likely to focus their attention only on equipment which oil sample report evaluations have indicated are a critical or abnormal result. Unfortunately, that means they probably don’t have the time to even consider results that indicate an issue that’s only just developing. Your operation is only utilising around 20% of the data being collected from each piece of equipment!


Ideally, your staff need to be taken away from interpreting oil sample report evaluations and focused on work that’s really going to keep your fleet moving, such as business improvement projects and other work that improves reliability and availability.

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Relialytics has developed the ‘Condition Monitoring Supervisor’ (CMS) which draws on 20 years experience across thousands of machines and locations to interpret the numerical and textual data in your oil sample reports and make recommendations for courses of action which is inputted directly into your CMMS as maintenance tasks. This allows for your maintenance team to focus on reviewing identified courses of action and implementing maintenance tasks that maintain the health and availability of your equipment.

We provide a predictive maintenance program that ensures your maintenance crew’s time is well spent on tasks that add real value to your operation.