High Degree of Quality Consistently

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Like you, our team of engineers has lived with the consequences of equipment failure. We understand that unscheduled downtime is a costly yet preventable event. Our belief is that the utilisation of all relevant data from oil sample reports, and subsequent actions taken from this data, will assist in your equipment operating more efficiently, effectively, reliably and safely. The result is a high-performance operation that meets all of your goals consistently.

Our ‘Condition Monitoring Supervisor’ draws on 20 years of data to allow your team to take action on even the earliest indicator of a problem. As a result, your condition monitoring process becomes so much more efficient that you’re likely to avoid most major unscheduled maintenance downtime and significantly reduce operational downtime.

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It also means that your site engineers and your maintenance team are working smarter rather than harder and are focused on tasks that have immediate impact on your key operations. The hours required of your team to analyse oil sample report data is reduced by up to 80%, freeing up time to work on predictive maintenance and continuous improvement projects.

Imagine the innovation and the opportunities created by this kind of efficiency. It’s about systematically improving the way you manage the condition of our equipment, putting you at a distinct advantage when it comes time to scale and grow your operation.

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It's Insurance for longer lasting equipment!

Your mobile and fixed plant equipment is a huge investment, but it’s just as important to invest in reliability analytics that will ensure those assets are operating optimally for the longest possible lifespan.