There’s No Value in Equipment Telemetry Unless It’s Put to Use.

“Is your telemetry data reducing your maintenance costs?  If not, it should be”


This air filter telemetry data showing air restriction in the RH air intake can assist our client to extend filter changes from 500hrs to potentially >1500-2000 hours. It also gave them warning of pending filter plug events (up to 7 days in advance), so that they could action before it restricted to the point that the turbos and combustion were affected and their usable life reduced. Without the ECS Onboard Data Module, it’s highly unlikely this issue would have been identified until after costly major damage had occurred.

Over a fleet this can add up to $100k or more in filter savings in a year, not to mention reduced interactions where potential for incorrectly installed filter can result in dust ingress and engine damage as well as reduced turbo life.


air intake graph


Equipment Telemetry Preventing Failures and Increasing Component Life

“We know only a small fraction of equipment data is actually used to proactively improve reliability”


Equipment data is as only as good as the value it provides to maintainers and reliability professionals. Sensors on board equipment continuously provides feedback which allow operators and maintainers to adjust for peak performance. But these sensors are also a rich source of data to determine component health. The Relialytics ECS ‘Onboard Data Module’ does just that. It takes the telemetry data from a machine and identifies subtle changes and trends in the data that indicate a precursor to more serious and damaging events. Not only does the ECS algorithm identify the trends and changes that are relevant and specific to that machine, but it also creates a work order to resolve the issues which can be uploaded to any CMMS.


The Onboard Data Module Turns Equipment Data into Action

“It’s one thing to have valuable insights into your equipment from onboard data, however it’s another thing to do something with it.”


If you’re only using telemetry from your equipment for machine events, you’re probably reacting to signals that a component already has an advanced issue. Getting ahead of the alarms can be achieved by using the ‘Onboard Data Module’ to identify the small changes in data from equipment being monitored, which in turn can be acted on before it becomes an alarm and a problem. The ECS Onboard Data Module helps you prevent failures in your equipment by recommending small, scheduled, low-cost interventions as early as possible so you don’t have to deal with the inevitable costly major component failures.


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