ECS “Time in Condition” Functionality Drives Focused Maintenance Actions for Supervisors

The Time in Condition reporting function highlights compartments that are continually showing issues even though they have been flagged in previous oil sample reports and rectification recommendations have been issued. Customers use this report to prioritise remedial maintenance action, improve work management or revise alarm limits.

We’re always enhancing our ‘Equipment Condition Supervisor’ (ECS) to assist our customers to focus on what needs the most attention on their equipment. The introduction of the ‘Time in Condition’ function alerts Maintenance Supervisors to previously identified issues in oil sample report data that aren’t being resolved in a timely manner and have the potential to escalate to a failure.


Relialytics created a Time in Condition view within the ECS dashboard to highlight compartments that have had the same alert for three or more consecutive oil samples suggesting remedial action has not been completed or has been effective. It can also be used to alter limits to suit an acceptable level, hence the “time within the alert condition” is considered unacceptable.


Time in Condition helps the site team identify whether recommended actions haven’t been completed, have been completed but are ineffective, the alert limits aren’t appropriate or if the component can be safely monitored further.


The Equipment Condition Supervisor Time in Condition function is a single page view of compartments that are not improving with repeated flags. This focusses the attention of the analysts and maintenance team onto a component that is potentially in further distress, highlighting work management process issues or suggesting alert limits can be reviewed.


The daily dashboards highlight the first three highlighted samples as those that have repeated issues in the compartment for at least the last three samples


TIC Screen HR 2


The Time in Condition page displays the specifics of what recommendations have been made for the flagged sample so Supervisors can ensure the tasks are completed to rectify the issue.

TIC Screen HR



The Time in Condition functionality enables technicians accountable for acting on recommendations based on oil sample report analysis to ensure that action is taken to prevent the escalation of the issue.



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