How does it work?

Implementation of a trial of the ECS is simple and can be automatically issuing work order recommendation in about 2 - 4 weeks (for the oil sample report module.)

After implementation which includes online training, you will be set to use the Daily Dashboard and your allocated Relialytics Analyst will assist you along the way.  A typical trial lasts six months with a minimum of 30 pieces of equipment (preferably of the same type such as a fleet of trucks).  The OEM, location and type of mine doesn't matter.  We cater for all situations and equipment.

What information is required?

Ideally we would require up to 5 years worth of oil sample report data which we can obtain from your nominated lab (with your permission).  We'll then create the baseline limits specific to your fleet as well as give you some initial feedback on recommendations from our analysis of your data.

We'll also need to know a bit about the type of CMMS you use and how we will upload the work orders.  Any additional information on the fleets history will also be useful After a bit of configuration, we'll be good to go. 👍



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